Insomnia In Chinese Medical Science

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Insomnia In Chinese Medical Science
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In Chinese Medical Science, doctors believe that the human body is composed by five elements, metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Base on this foundation, Chinese traditional doctors discovered that any illnesses, including insomnia and any others, are caused by the unbalance of the five elements. So, in order to cure the illnesses, their job is to balance the five elements (#1) and maintains the equilibrium amount them. In order to achieve that, Chinese doctors invented three different methods, the Yin Wei Therapy, the Viscera Therapy and the Yin Yang Therapy. (#2) This time, I would mainly discuss the Insomnia treatment in the Yin Wei Therapy.
When we talk about the insomnia, the benefits
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There were two brothers living in a farm. The elder brother called Ryan, and he is a guy who really care the appearance of the farm. Everyday, Ryan would go over the whole farm and clean them again and again, wiping the window, taking out the trash and checking every corner to make sure there is no dust. When Ryan done all that, he would rests at night and gets ready for next day. The younger brother called Hank, he is a vivid one. Hank takes care all systems in the farm, such as the water pipe is still working or not; is the ammeter measuring correctly; is the hay being put on the trough. Due to the mass of the work he has, Hank can not rest much,but, luckily, Hank doesn’t really need rest much. Two brothers can not manage the farm alone, and the teamwork is needed. With the great effect from both brothers, the farm looks good and the livestock are healthy. This story not only shows how should people to run their farm, but also some how relate to the basic idea of Chinese Medical Science. In the Chinese Medical Science, the commonly approved idea is that the human body is a big systems, and, in order to keep the systems operating, there are two Qi (Qi in Chinese has a same translation as air but has different mean from air), Yin and Wei, running and carrying out energy through the body. The Wei Qi is the one that resemble to the elder brother, Ryan, and its job is to keep the outfits of the human body looks good, like hair, skin and eyes, and also including clean all the virus inside you. The Wei Qi is effect by the time of the day. During day time, Wei Qi would runs through the whole body and keeps people awake, and, during night time, Wei Qi would rests and brings people to sleep. Therefore, in Chinese Medical Science, the insomnia is triggered by the disorder of the Wei Qi.
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