Eva Smith's Death In An Inspector Calls Essay

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‘An Inspector Calls’ was set in 1912- the time before the First World War -and released after World War Two; it was first performed in 1946.

In 1912, the time where the play was set, everyone was in a social class like upper and lower (Rich and Poor) and people would look after themselves first then their family. As Mr. Birling says in Act One “a man has to look after himself –and his family too, of course, when he has one“.

In the play the Inspector challenges their ideas, the idea of the classes and proves how the idea of looking after yourself first is incorrect. J.B. Priestley is using Eva Smiths death as an example of how even though the classes are very different they can still have an effect on one another.

Inspector Goole has a big role in the play. He shows the other characters what they have done wrong and this has a
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The parents keep telling then its not their fault but that Eva Smith bought all this on herself.
“A girl of that class” once again showing the class difference and that only someone from that class would land up this way they are not to blame.

The final speech the Inspector gives the Birling family has different effects on them after he leaves the room. In this speech he gives them a final idea of what they have done and a lesson on how they treat others who may not be in the same class or social setting.

“But just remember this. One Eva Smith has gone – but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us…” in this J.B Priestley used a common last name to show how there are more people like Eva Smith that may need help. He also uses repetition of the word ‘millions’ to emphasize how many poor and lower class people there are.

This links to the theme of responsibility and how J.B Priestley is showing “We are responsible for each
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