Inspector Wexford's Characters In From Doon With Death By Ruth Renend

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Inspector Wexford is a recurring character in the Inspector Wexford series of novels by English crime fiction author Ruth Rendell. Wexford made his first appearance in Rendell’s debut novel From Doon With Death, and has been lead protagonist in 23 more titles in the series. The series of novels are best classified as detective crime fiction.

Wexford is a sensitive and intelligent man who is married to Dora with whom they have two daughters Sylvia and Sheila. Sheila is his favorite daughter while Sylvia is the difficult one who always feels slighted by her parents even when that is not entirely the case. Reginald Wexford is a Chief Inspector in Sussex who works in consort with friend and colleague DI Mike Burden.

The first novel in the series From Doon With Death introduces Inspector Wexford as a formidable chief of police faced with a
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Wexford finds himself having to face up to his deepest emotions as he investigates the brutal killing of a socialite family while they were having dinner. Only Daisy the teenage granddaughter of popular writer Davina Flory survives the attack. Having never met her father, Wexford now protects the girl just like he does with Sheila his own daughter. The title of the novel is derived from the fact that Daisy’s father used to be an Arsenal Football Club Player, hence the nickname “Gunner”.

Murder Being Once Done is a classic crime solving detective novel featuring the inimitable Chief Inspector Wexford. A graveyard turns out to be the brutal murder scene of a girl and despite his doctor forbidding him from getting involved in the exertions of an investigation Wexford cannot help himself. Upon learning that Howard his nephew is heading up the investigations, he muscles in and soon finds a trail that leads to a religious cult leader in prison for sex crimes.

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