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This inspirational video that Nike has produced is a great way to spark athlete’s emotional side to give them a reason to keep trying to compete with the best in their sport. Not only does it depict the professional side of sports, but it also includes the average athlete who is trying to improve their game. Using current technology along with social media it gives Nike the edge needed to reach out to advertise to the public. The areas that will be researched are, the created marketing skills necessary to stay relevant in the sports department, the introduction of social media and the impact it has on advertising, and the importance of using commercials has an inspirational tool for the company. As far as the purpose of the video is to light…show more content…
Also the global aspect that social media offers will replace the conventional way products are advertised. Social media is a great source for companies to use to get a large amount of advertisement to the public in the shortest amount of time. Most organizations have invested in social media departments to stay current on this growing technology. They have also decreased funds to other departments like print and television because of the cost of marketing. The ability for the public to share content instantly to others is the future of marketing. The traffic that the posts create can give the information necessary to target certain audience. Over 70% of customers have been attained by Facebook, and CEO’s use the data from social media to make crucial marketing decisions…show more content…
“Equality is about Nike raising its voice and using the power of sport to stand up for the value of equality and to inspire people to take action in their communities (fortune.com).” It’s all about making a product that will inspire men and women alike. Keeping the essence the same is the corner stone of any great company. Everyone should have the same chance to succeed and look across the field, court, or arena at their opponent and feel equal. The equipment is design for athletes to have every chance to continue to improve, it is how the athletes uses it will determine the

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