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Inspirational Biography Good morning/afternoon Ms. Fornili and class. Today I am here to inform you all about one of the best stories in American history, the inspiring story of Michael Oher. His story has already inspired many around the world and is captured in the movie The Blind Side –Josh Cagat 1. Title Michael Oher is known for being an NFL football player with the Carolina Panthers. He was also the subject of Michael Lewis’s book ‘The Blind Side’ and the 2009 film of the same name –Josh Cagat 2. Overview Oher was born in Memphis, Tennessee and born on May the 28th 1986. Michael was one of twelve children born to Denis Oher, his mother, and his father, Michael Jerome Williams. His mother was an alcoholic and crack cocaine addict, and…show more content…
As word of his talent spread, author Michael Lewis came to Memphis to write about Michael’s journey from homeless teen to star athlete in the NFL. After years of extensive research his book, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, became a New York Times best seller and eventually was adapted into a feature film, The Blind Side. This went on to become one of the best stories in American sports history. –Josh Cagat 8. Adulthood Michael Oher will always be remembered for his truly extraordinary story, from being homeless to an NFL star. It is one of the best ones in American sports history and is retold in ‘The Blind Side’ book and film. Oher is a superbowl champion and is going strong on his 9th season. –Josh Cagat 9.…show more content…
He did it all by himself, even his foster parents abandoned him. He lived and grew up in a bad neighbourhood filled with drugs and violence but even though he was homeless he chose to stay away. He didn’t let poverty stop him from trying. He was in a bad situation but he still had hope and didn’t feel sorry for himself. He trained hard and made it to the NFL, he wouldn’t let his family down. The lessons we can learn from his story is to never give up no matter how bad a situation is, persevere, and don’t take things for granted and do not feel sorry fro yourself because someone in life has it worse than you. –Josh Cagat 9.

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