Pepsico: Mission Statement And Not Inspired Vision Statements

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Chumin Wu Jim Dimitropoulos Mos4410 May 14th 2015 Written Assignment #1 As a single person, we have our goals to achieve in our life. Therefore, for a firm, it is important to carry on its organizational goals as well. In this assignment, we will focus on inspired vision statement and not inspired vision statement, and give an example to each vision statements. Even some firms’ vision statement and mission statement are interchangeable because they think it is almost the same function of telling outsider what they aim to do, they are different. A vision means a very general direction of the firm and what they intend to be, while a mission is more specific and…show more content…
From this vision, we know that PepsiCo make a big picture of what they are standing for and desired future state, they aims to make business, financial area better and also responds to social benefit. As for performance with purpose, it tend to offer a various healthy foods and drinks, and it is intended to look for an advance level of method to eliminate the cost from operation in order to protect the environment; also it intends to provide better communities and harmonic workplaces (PepsiCo). The reasons why it is inspired are that it is not only tell everyone which destinations they try to drive, but also they give the advantages of why they need to do…show more content…
In my opinion, it does tell an overarching goal that one person spend his or her time to enjoy beverages, and they are customer-orientation. However, they do not mention about what general tasks they need to do, any competitive advantages they have, any information about employees and any plans for social benefits. One person can inspire and enrich his or her spirit by reading good books in a nice environment. In Starbuck’s vision statement, the value of Starbuck is to provider a nice environment for people to spend their time on, but they need to illustrate more about what kinds of environment they can offer, and the what future state of Starbuck will reach. As long as Starbuck can give a clearly picture of what they want to be in the future, the better missions can be made according to their vision statement, and they can improve a lot if the vision shows a accessible direction. In conclusion, inspired vision statement is more likely to explain their passion, intention, social benefit and general tasks in order to motivate people to do.; while the not inspired vision statement need to have more social responsibilities, and explain why it can encourage people to
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