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An inspiring person in my life was a man named Donte Cunningham he also was my former football coach as a kid. The reason I say was because about three years ago he passed away from cancer.I met Donte Cunningham through a youth sports football team named the East Cleveland Chiefs. Throughout my years playing coach Cunningham taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I remember he used to always tell me on the way to football games “Jamal don’t waste your talent no matter what you do in life do not waste your talent”. I really didn’t understand what that meant until I got older and noticed how many people are actually talented but disregarded it for something less important.Me and my coach had a very close relationship I started playing for his football…show more content…
I remember putting my hand in the cold soft white snow and seeing smoke come out of my mouth because it was so cold. After practice I remember my fingers feeling like permanent ice cubes. Cunningham did say “If there was no pain then there was no gain.” I would always respond with “ I guess I’m gaining a lot because this sure is painful.” Over the years I have used most of Cunningham lessons and told them to my cousins. I try to lead by example and coach Cunningham did it best so I teach my younger siblings the same lessons he once told me when I was their age. I pass on these lessons because sometimes in life you need motivation whether it’s from a grown up or a teen like myself. You also need good life skills or people in life might try to take advantage of you. Even tho coach Cunningham has passed away I feel like he’s still watching over me and guiding me in a way. Without coach Cunningham I would’ve probably not known half the stuff I know or have most of the life skills I have.Coach Cunningham was such a great person because not only did he teach me football he taught me tons of stuff I would actually need in the real world and I thank him for

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