Insstea Play Analysis

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Chicago was a well preformed musical directed by Stephen Kopel. Each and every artist that crossed that stage was electric! I wouldn’t be surprised if I would see anyone of them in a Broadway performance. The costumes were unique because it’s not the usual day to day inmate attire. The props really set the mood. The singing was in creditable but the symphony was definitely icing on the cake. The acting made the play appear so real. There was certainly chemistry between the actors on and off the stage; this made the performance ten times better. The actors were entertaining. I enjoyed their facial expressions and the way they shared the stage. These actors were a triple threat, they could all sing, dance, and had great acting skills. It was too much talent in one setting. The actors used the forth wall method and talked to the audience through-out the play and that’s always my favorite part. Although Roxie was the star of the show, my favorite character was Velma. Velma reminds me of the typical female; if you can’t beat them, then join them and that’s exactly what Velma did.…show more content…
No one ever imagines inmates to look as glamorous and attractive as these ladies appeared. I guess this was a perfect an example of how powerful women are and can be. The characters were very promiscuous. When a woman commits a crime, society usually has more sympathy for them. Although these women committed a crime, no one looked at them as a “horrible person”. There costumes helped portray them as “sweet, sexy and innocent” people. In most situations, if everyone was wearing the same color it would make the design boring. In my opinion, Jamie Urban, the costume designer did a great job designing everyone to have different and unique costumes to fit them even though everyone was wearing black. I’m happy the color wasn’t orange, like a modern day prisoner in the county jail would wear. Black can be both sexy and represent a depressing or a dark
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