Kevin Systrom's Instagram: A Case Study

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1. Introduction Instagram, an online photo-sharing and video-sharing application for iPhone and Android, has achieved great accomplishment since it was launched on 6 October 2010. Kevin Systrom, the co-founder and CEO of Instagram, has jumped to one of the most successful IT entrepreneurs on the globe. The obsession of photography and the curiosity of innovative technology inspired by his mother are leading reasons for starting his business. The mobile application developed by Kevin Systrom considerably changes the way people generate and conceive knowledge and consequently make life easy be connected. This essay firstly provides a brief introduction of the objectives for creating Instagram, and then describes how Systrom struggles to deal with his enterprise. This article also explores how Systrom and his Instagram make a difference to the world. Unavoidable challenges for him, alongside with future feasible strategies will be analysed as well. 2. Key information 2.1 Early resolution Instagram took over the world in just three years and was sold in a deal worth $1 billion…show more content…
The exposure of smartphones predominates the reasons for the incredible development speed of Instagram. Mobile devices should and must be the main stream for the future direction of social network. With the challenge of the fact that Instagram active users are dramatically increased, Kevin Systrom should improve the usability of his application and give customers better user experience because it is not only a photo manipulation tool, but also a mobile social communication media. For example, sometimes it took a few seconds to change a filter, learning how to reduce the transition period of filters may be an element that Systrom can take into

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