Instagram Research Proposal

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Name: Naseema Paruk
Student No. 212541522
Psyc 301
Assessment: Research Proposal
“Qualitative vs. Quantitative Approaches to Research”
Tutor : Larissa Pillay
Study Title: Instagram’s effect on eating disorders in youth

A) Study Title - Instagram’s effect on eating disorders in youth
B) Literature Review:
There have been a lot of variations in the "perfect" body type due to the media and its influence on youth from ages 12-25. With millions suffering from eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, the issue of body image amongst the youth is a huge concern. This Literature review explores social factors that sway an individual 's opinion of body image, and the burdens of gratifying the societal expectations of one 's physical appearance that is displayed and to see if Instagram has any promoting factors towards these eating disorders.

Social media as a whole has become a necessity amongst the youth.Instagram is a worldwide famous app that allows users to upload and share pictures and videos of their choice. It is an app based off of the amount of likes. These simple likes on pictures are taken as validity of a person’s beauty. This logic causes youth to thrive in order to show off and as a result, to get more likes (Karges, 2014). With many instagram users displaying “idealistic” and unattainable body types that are often photo-shopped, youth– both male and females – that follow those pages are at great risk of developing a negative body

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