Instagram's Negative Impact On The Teen Brain

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The app Instagram is one of the most popular apps today. Over 500 million people use the app daily. Instagram is used for many reasons, most people use it to contact and keep in touch with others. Instagram is also used to promote different types of brands. Additionally, a huge amount of people enjoy instagram because of the likes, especially teenagers. Instagram has caused a negative effect on society throughout the years. Instagram has one of the biggest impacts on the teen brain. Most teenagers enjoy instagram because of the likes they get on pictures. Lauren Sherman states, "When teens learn that their own pictures have supposedly received a lot of likes, they show significantly greater activation in parts of the brain 's reward circuitry," (Sherman). Because of the likes teens receive on pictures, it inspires them to use social media more often. Teens spend nine hours a day on social media, which is affecting the way their brain develops. The brain 's reward system becomes active when teens see a high number of likes. Justin Coba reports that Instagram rewards show up in the brain the same as chocolate and winning prizes (Coba). Many teens brains have been affected by social media throughout the years, which causes them to be…show more content…
Another bad effect instagram has on society is many people are being bullied over the internet. When people are being bullied over the internet or social media they are the victim of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when someone is being harassed over the internet. People post rude things on social media, start rumors , or post embarrassing photos or videos.Being a victim of cyberbullying causes stress and worry which is not good for the human brain. When people get tired of being stressed out, or just does not know what to do anymore; they do harmful things to themselves, or they began to bully others. Social media networks like instagram is where most bullying occurs, also it is one of the reasons some people dislike social
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