Instant Care Room Monologue

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waaaaaaa! I was born. The doctors took me into the instant care room. My mom said why can’t I see my daughter they didn’t answer but they said nothing with a wonder in there eyes. She screamed at the doctors saying, “why cant I see my daughter!!!!!” The doctor said, “please don’t yell and calm down.” She said, “is there something wrong with her?” No don’t worry they said with a worried face. The doctor sat down on his chair. She was looking at the doctor and she could tell that he was worried about the baby.

wahhhhhhh! I was born it was 3:00am they took me into this random room.She said can i please see my child. they said not right now. she said why not. the doctor said because there’s something wrong with your daughter. she said what wrong
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my mom said my what ? huh ? the doctors said she just come and look so the went to the instant care room. my mom asked why is she in the instant care room. the doctors said well you see for yourself. so she went in and saw me i was all wrapped up is a blanket my mom said well what’s wrong with her he unwrapped me and she saw me. She said ewww why is she like that i don’t want her put her in the foster home. the doctors said well ma’am you have to take her not us she’s not our responsibility so they kept me at the nursery until i was aloud to go home .

Then she took me home. Later that day she took me to the foster care and handed me over the man for the foster care building said are you sure you want to hand over your child she said yes im sure shes ugly. So she gave me to the man and he said she will be in a good home she replied i don’t care just take her away from me. Ok ok the man said. then he took me to this room where all these children were crying way too much but I was there not crying not screaming. The next day people came in and stared at me just because I was different from everyone. But then 2 weeks later someone came in and looked at me and smiled they came into the room and held me then they went to the desk and said i know which child i want said which one that one the desk said ok fill it out so she did. Then she came into the room and picked me up and took me and took me
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