Themes In Antigone

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Name Institution Affiliation Course Tutor Date Sophocles play, Antigone dates back in 441 BC in Greece, Athens. The play has been translated into many languages today and even though there may be some setbacks in translating some words, the theme remains original. In historical point of view, the play was written at a time of national strife. The play begins with the death of two brothers Polyneices and Eteocles leading rival sides of the civil war in Thebes while fighting for leadership. The new ruler of Thebes is Creone and his decision is that Polyneices will not be given burial honors and he will be publicly humiliated while Eteocles will be honored during burial (Bloom, H. (1999). Several characters in the play are very crucial…show more content…
Even after Ismene warns Antigone about burying her brother, she is unstoppable. She goes on with what she partakes to be right even though she does not receive help from her sister. On the part of Creon, he upholds his dedication to leadership so much that he ignores the plea by his son to spare Antigone. He thinks that the only reason which makes his son do that is that he is loyal to Antigone. Therefore, both characters have this tendency to trust themselves and it brings both good and adverse effects to them. A striking difference between Creon and Antigone is their priorities. The greatest priority for Creon is the state power. He is quite cold towards his family because he is focused on following his own rules for the sake of Thebes. However, when it comes to family he acts so inhuman that he doesn 't listen to his own son and even thinks about ruthlessly punishing his nieces Antigone and Ismene. On the side of Antigone, she is very dedicated to family and it is her greatest priority. She takes it so important for her slain brother to get a decent burial that it brings her to face the wrath of Creon and she eventually dies for it. In the world today, such care that Antigone portrays for the family is almost
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