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Case Assignment One
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Case Assignment One NRC country club is an Ohio and Dayton-based open membership club that hosts two golf courses. Since the club was started in 1954, it grew up into one of the most vibrant and lucrative golf clubs in the United States even hosting huge golf championships such as the 1986 US open, the 1996 PGA championship, and the 1998 US mid-amateur, and consistently being ranked by Golf Digest magazine among the top 100 golf courses in the country. However, over the years, the country club has gradually been dethroned and it continues to lose its elite status thanks to the continued inability to attract new members. After the moderate success of the club’s aggressive
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Then Compare Your List with The Measurement
Questions Asked
a. Management dilemma. The first step of the management research question hierarchy is the management dilemma. The management dilemma is that NRC country club needs to increase its core membership
b. Management questions. The second level of the hierarchy are management questions. The management questions simply restate the management dilemma in question form. The following management questions emerged from the management dilemma above
i. MQ1 – what can be done to ensure that NRC country club increases its core membership? ii. MQ2 – What are the core reasons behind the club not attracting core members?
c. Research questions. At this level of the hierarchy, the research shits to the gathering of factual information. The following research questions were
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What is the level of satisfaction among current members with regard to current facilities and the quality of services offered? iii. What avenues can the club utilize to sell its products and services to non-members who fit its potential customer profile? iv. What are some of the reasons that may make current as well as potential NRC members choose a different golf club?
The list is very similar to the measurement questions asked since the all focus on the membership problems that NRC country club is currently facing and tries to evaluate ways through which these problems can be solved. More focus is placed on the current members and how they feel about issues related to service quality and sufficiency of amenities and facilities. Finally, the list, as well as the measurement questions, carry the overarching goal of trying to woo new members.
Question Two: Given the Research Question, How Appropriate Were the Measurement
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