Institutional Discrimination And Violence In Literature Review

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A trans man named Chaz Bono once said “When I realized I was transgender I was so afraid of what my transition would do to everyone else in my life and how they would react to it and would I be rejected” (Hernandez, 2014). This quote is a perfect way to show to the world how trans men and women feel due to institutions making them believe they should not be who they are. In this paper, we will go over how the textbook theorizes institutional discrimination and violence, how Saffin showcases discrimination and violence against trans people of color as both intersectional and institutional, and explain how institutional discrimination and violence are showcased in education.
The textbook states that discrimination is “maintained through complex sets of social institutions that interacts with, structure and influences individuals beliefs and prejudices” (DeFrancisco & Palczewski, 2014, p. 133). Another way to think about discrimination is that it is made into a norm in society due to institutions such as family, education, religion, etc. Discrimination often is brought to light when a person performs their gender that goes against the norms the institutions have put in place. If someone goes against these norms it increases the chance of inequality in society.
Institutional violence “occurs when overt and subtle forms of violence become normalized as a result of institutional rules and norms” (DeFrancisco and Palczewski, 2014,p. 135) This is showcased by explaining how males
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