Institutional Discrimination

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Discrimination is present in all forms in the many levels in society such as in the workforce and education system. Discrimination is the underlying cause of many problems in our nation as it can be seen through ageism, racism and classism. Many of these problems are caused within large corporations and institutions. Institutional Discrimination is described as the unjust treatment of people by their society and institutions as a whole. Over the past decade, many issues have arisen in which unjust treatment of people has occurred. In order for justice to be brought to all citizens, people must get past the feeling to need to be superior to another man based on his age, race or income but to welcome him as the man he truly is.
A woman from Euclid,
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It has proven to be a difficult issue in the past and today as many things a bias towards one type of people rather than another. This is present in many colleges all across America. According to the document, racial inequality is present in all of the following forms; “the racial-ethnic disparities that existed among administrators, faculty members, students, and other staff persons in that part of the university; the cultural-biased epistemology that dominated the courses taught at the COE; and the continued practice of using culturally biased tests as a major criterion for student admissions in various departments in the college,” (CITATION). Due to these, many university staff members are working to eradicate this inefficient learning community. The discrimination of other races by whites is unbelievable. The author describes all the ways that whites are racist even outside of the colleges. It was said that white people “intentional and unintentional acts of discrimination that White individuals exert on others who are not members of their racial group because of their belief in their own cultural, emotional, intellectual, social and moral superiority” (Citation). Erasing it…show more content…
Wright tells the story of many people who were denied access to a decent job due to their previous records. He tells us the story of a man named Luis Rivera. He was promised that he “could finally work just one legit job – on the books, with steady hours and a steady paycheck – rather than hustling to piece together a part-time informal work,” (Citation). When he as younger, he robbed a house over 20 years prior to this. He was caught but wasn’t mandated to serve any time although he was released back into the custody of his parents. Many people struggle to find steady lobs daily due do a bad previous record. This concept was referred to as an “illegal but still widespread practice of employers rejecting applicants or firing workers solely because they have criminal records,” (Citation). Although they may have been forced to follow this path due to poverty or to make a better life for their families, they have been branded as a criminal who doesn’t know how to go back safely into a normal working environment. Many organizations have been formed to help end this but this still proves to be a reoccurring problem toward many of the lower class families of
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