Institutional Racism Research Paper

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Do all people really know the meaning of racism? Racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races ( Racism has been in our world for a lifetime. Race has been the key component in separating humans around the world. It has been the leading cause of political and economic conflict. Racial issues stem from the 15th century, at the beginning of slave trade. Most slaves came from Africa. Africa was susceptible to slave trade because they were an undeveloped country. European merchants captured and kidnapped men, women, and children from their home and shipped to the United States. They were so packed that they had to lay on each other. “Slaves packed like cargo between decks had to lie in each other 's’ feces, urine. and blood.” This caused disease to spread quickly causing…show more content…
There were three amendments that were passed that gave black people hope. The 13th amendment was the abolition of slavery, the 14th amendment granted citizenship, and the 15th was the right to vote. Still after these laws were passed the black people were treated terribly. Schools, stores, bathrooms, and water fountains were segregated. Why did the law allow this? This bring me back to the topic of institutional racism. Statistically speaking blacks who had just graduated from college have twice as much of a hard time finding a job than whites. It 's founded that people who have names that “sound black”, send out about 50 percent more applications than a white person. Unemployment rates for the black community is at a whopping 10.4 percent compared to the white and latino community, 4.7 percent. There have been cases where a supervisor monitors the blacks more than the whites, specifically to find something wrong and use it against them to, in turn, fire

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