Institutions In The Congo

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1. (A) During class, it was argued that a country’s history is relevant to its current circumstances as institutions tend to replicate themselves over time. In terms of explaining such a concept to a friend, I would begin to first explain the concept of an institution before then moving on to relating this idea to our current government and then moving on to doing the same for the institutions within Congo. Institutions range from being political, economic, to social. Such institutions can even be unwritten biases that influence and shape society. More formally, institutions can shape society through rules, structure, and specific organizations that are instilled to establish pressures within society. In the case of the Congo, historic hierarchies…show more content…
Our government has a system of checks and balances that are meant to hold political leaders accountable for their actions. This can clearly be traced back to reflect historic significance. Our checks and balances were meant to hold political leaders accountable and stop political tyranny within society so as to not reflect King George’s past ruling of the colonies. It is important to understand that bad influences have the same effect. Such influences can be seen today within Congo. An unstable political institution built on the power hungry attitude of King Leopold can still be reflected in Congo’s government officials. In these two examples, one can see that the current government of the United State's strives to continuously replicate the founding fair principles that were laid out by the founding fathers. The Congo on the other hand has replicated a power hungry totalitarian influenced government that is built on power hunger and corruption. Unfortunately, escaping a country’s historic institutions is a difficult task as the influence runs deep enough to affect the attitude of every individual within the…show more content…
Firstly, I value my own human rights over the wealth of my nation. I also think that the promises of quick economic growth being gained so soon after the loss of colonial rule is highly unlikely. Even if the country could whip up an infrastructure to replace the now gone colonial power, profits from trade would not be effectively contributed to society without policies to enforce equal treatment to all citizens. Leader X could easily take hold of any profits gained and delve it out to specific individuals within society. Economic policies should not be in place to produce growth without first establishing set political system. A government with no plan and only money is doomed by greed. I think that leader X is the easier choice as he/she provides false promises to escape poverty sooner rather than later, however, poverty is often more than a lack of money and can also include a lack of rights. Having basic human rights needs to be the first step out of poverty, otherwise some in society will always live at the expense of

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