Instructional Assistant Personal Statement

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Every dime I earn working at Reynolds Community College and every grant and scholarship I receive will go towards my passion of studying human behavior and applying everything I learn to bringing every community I can reach, a giant leap forward. After receiving my associates degree in Social a Science I decided to take a year off to work towards finding what it is that I really want to pursue. I have searched for that 'something ' that will keep me intrigued and awake all hours of the night without realizing it. I have eliminated the idea of simply working to make ends meet or finding a good job to support my family and "living" outside the 40+ hours of a weekday job. I am pursuing much more and I am confident that I have found a path leading me to wake up before my alarm clock sounds instead of praying for more time.

That path requires a great deal of time and effort to educate myself in understanding people. Any scholarship I receive will go towards that mission. With any contributions made towards the cost of living, books, and school materials, I will be able to spend more time thoroughly studying my textbooks beyond what is expected of me in the classroom, participate in any case studied I can get my hands on, search for internships, enjoying the privilege of being a student while taking advantage of all of VCUs resources.
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The Campus of Virginia Randolph is a school for children with mental disabilities and emotional disorders. I imagined an Instructional Assistant job meant that I would be assisting the Lead instructor with lesson planning and group projects. While that may be part of the job, it wasn 't as often an occurrence as expected. My job was mainly to separate kids who fought, follow students who ran out of the classroom whenever they felt, and to watch for triggers that may set off the
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