Instructional Bias In Schools Essay

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Going to college is a big step and can be stressful at times when trying to figure everything out. It can be even more stressful for an African- American student. America 's history with slavery has caused problems even in today’s society in numerous situations. It was the cause for the segregation of black and white students at universities in the late the mid 1900s. After the Brown vs Board of Education case, schools began to allow the attendance of both black and white students. Although the schools were desegregated, black students were still discriminated against. Understanding the class environment for black students and the effects of instructional bias directed towards African-American students is important for you as the Dean of Kansas State University to guarantee the same quality class environment for everyone. In this report, I will be discussing how instructional bias affects black students at universities.
Race Problems at Universities:
I’m sure you are aware of any problems concerning race issues on campus since you are the Dean. Having conducted research for this paper I have found several documents
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Beachum. Dr. Beachum is a Professor of Urban School of Leadership at Lehigh University. The essay is a story of a black male student that attends the Colgate University in central New York. One day this student was reported for carrying a gun in school. Details later emerged that the black student was actually carrying a glue gun for a school project, but because of racial bias the student was reported as carrying a gun and the campus was put on lockdown. This event can have a bad affect on this student 's college experience. Events like this one cause African-Americans to just expect racial bias starting at a young age. These experiences from being on on campus can cause them to not have a good
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