Insulator Investigation

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The aim of this investigation was to test a range of substances and recommend one to be used as the best insulator.

1. Steel Wool
2. A Stubby
3. Bubble Wrap
4. Thermometer
5. 4x355ml Soda Cans
6. Kettle
7. Measuring Glass
8. Funnel
9. Measuring Cylinder HYPOTHESIS
If the independent variable changes then the results and outcomes of each testing done with the insulators will be different. The time intervals will also depend on which insulator is the best, as it can affect the structure of the material and how it conducts its temperature(s).
If steel wool is made of fine strands of steel, and steel is a form of metal, metal is known to be a good conductor of heat because of the close packing of the metal ions in the lattice and the delocalised electrons that can carry kinetic energy through the lattice.
That’s why steel wool was predicted to be the best insulator to keep heat in and the stubby was predicted to be the best cooling insulator.

The independent variables can be changed such as the different types of materials used which are the steel wool, the bubble wrap and the stubby.

The dependent variable is the type that can’t be changed. In this practical the dependent variable is the temperature.

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However the Steel Wool on the table and graph show different results. This is because the initial temperature of the water inside the can was affected with by some errors. The worst insulator out of the three materials would be the Bubble Wrap because it did not keep its heat during the time intervals. Bubble wrap was not a good insulator because it had so many cold spots, the bubbles popped and the places between the bubbles, where heat readily

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