Insurgent In Lakota Woman

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Being Insurgent in Red Queen and Lakota Woman There is no consequence for abusing someone who is deemed inferior to you. In the colonial days of America, there was no consequence, other than depreciation of monetary value, for beating or killing a slave because they were inferior to their masters. This concept can be applied to how and why each lesser faction in the texts Lakota Woman and Red Queen is allowed to be treated so poorly. In Lakota Woman, the native and Half-bloods are “the other” and because the whites are so numerous and powerful, they made the laws and dictated how the indians are perceived in American Society. Though as Mary Crow Dog, the leading character in Lakota Woman, grows older she becomes involved in civil rights…show more content…
In Lakota Woman the Indians are surrounded by whites who do not permit them to live their lives freely and constantly influence their specific culture. The Reds in Red Queen are also enveloped by the heavy dictatorship of the preponderance, the Silvers, and are not free to improve their lives and live them without dense control of the Silvers. The Natives, according to Crow Dog lead hard poor lives where she is essentially forced into “being a backwoods girl living in a city, having to rip off stores in order to survive.” (Crow Dog 5) Similarly in Red Queen, Mare is obliged to be a pickpocket because she and her family are so poor and usually hungry. Both the Indians and the Reds hate their autocrats because of the way they are treated and their resentment eventually lead to uprisings against the dictators in order to improve upon their destitute state of…show more content…
Both lesser factions in Red Queen and Lakota Woman demonstrate that if a minority is exploited long enough, they will rise up to try to end the tyranny and try to gain followers to their cause. In Red Queen, the Reds’ freedom is crushed repeatedly to the point where the Reds could no longer serve under such oppressive rulers and rebel in order to gain back freedom and equality. The same can be said about AIM in Lakota Woman, as they rallied and fought in order to be seen as peers to the whites and to have some freedoms. Both rebellious groups from each novel used media to gain support and cast a wider net for their statements. As they went along, their causes got bigger with more followers until they could no longer be ignored. Overall, both insurgent groups from Red Queen and Lakota Woman proved that minorities rise up against majorities, made big statements for freedom and equality and gained a big following through
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