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To celebrate the release of Insurgent let’s take a look at things you probably didn’t know about the big-screen adaptation of Veronica Roth’s best-selling novel. The Amity set was built in Serenbe a sustainable community about minutes southwest of Atlanta. Despite bad weather it took the film’s crew just six weeks to build the -acre Amity set. More than people worked seven days a week to create the Amity Dome with its central tree build a crumbling concrete freeway overpass and modify the stables at Serenbe. Dozens of crew also planted vegetables flowers and grass crops. The Amity dome was a large structure made of wood and glass. It measured feet tall and feet around and the crew only just managed to complete it on the morning it…show more content…
Prosthetics make-up artist Margie Ka-klamanos was employed especially to create Amity leader Johanna’s signature facial scar. Actress Octavia Spencer said that having the scar applied really helped put her in Johanna’s world. According to Octavia Spencer actor Ray Stevenson who plays Four’s father Marcus would sometimes sing to her before they started filming. Although Tris does cut her hair in the Insurgent novel it isn’t as short as Shailene Woodley’s in the movie. Between filming Divergent and Insurgent Woodley cut her hair very short for her role in the movie The Fault In Our Stars. And she decided to keep it that way for Insurgent as she didn’t want to wear a wig. The movie’s stunt team was impressed with the athletic ability of actor Jai Courtney who plays Dauntless leader Eric. According to the movie’s stunt co-ordinator they even had to ask Courtney to slow down as he was running too fast for the cameramen filming him! The military vehicles that transport Dauntless leaders Max and Eric to the Amity faction weighed pounds and were decommissioned troop carriers from Afghanistan. Director Robert Schwentke wanted authenticity when it came to the weapons used in Insurgent. In other words he wanted the guns to actually

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