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1. Corporate History, Experience, and Corporate Profile • In 1999, David Chandler Thomas set up Intacct to provide small and midsized businesses a desktop accounting solution. • Today Intacct has 201 to 500 employees and is based at San Jose California. • Intacct is one of the best cloud ERP provider. AICPA business solutions preferred Intacct award winning applications as their financial applications. • Intacct has 16 years of experience in the industry. • Intacct is one of the fastest growing mid-market cloud financial software vendor.(Used by 8500 organizations from startups to public companies and has 60% growth procurement) and hundreds of leading CPA firms are offering Intacct to their clients. • Intacct Delivers Record Fiscal Second…show more content…
In dire economic times like now it is fantastic. The future looks promising for Intaact as they leverage their somewhat unique position in the marketplace. • Deep and mature accounting software feature sets and logically organized around efficient back office business processes. The software also supports common compliance and governance policies. • Quick in deploying software configuration. It is flexible but straight forward and simple software customization which can be performed easily with the tools provided. • Revenue policy and compliance support is strong. • Intacct is well recognised as a ‘life after QuickBooks’ solution. Migration services from QuickBooks are mature and the company provides comparatively low subscription pricing for those ready to step beyond entry level accounting. • Intacct insights is a respectable ad hoc custom report writer and business intelligence reporting solution. The visual, point and click wizard aids finance staff in bringing real-time information visibility which can include financial, non-financial and operational…show more content…
so it will be easier to see.) Product offerings Intacct is a great product of either small or big companies as it can be implemented quickly and easily. And the reason why it can be implemented quickly is that, there is no infrastructure - it is a cloud application. Intacct is now being the leader for on-demand ERP, and has received an overall of 4 to 5 and also a perfect score for its functionality, scalability and customer support Integration Manual Data entry can be of often time-consuming, expensive, error-prone. with the addition of Intacct Adapter, it allows the synchronization of information, such as customer details and product information. with the synchronization of information, data can be handled at a more efficient rate and at a more organized manner. 4.Consulting Support Intacct provides superb customer support, they placed customers at the top priority. Intacct provides call- support for enquires about their products. Intacct also features a Intacct Community that allows users to post questions and also look up Frequently-Asked Questions and it is available 24/7 for common issues and troubleshooting

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