Intake Interview Summary

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Case Summary
Before a counselor is able to decide what the first step is in helping a client, they must conduct a proper screening and intake interview. Through this process the counselor is able to establish a trusting relationship with the client; as well as gain insight into his demographic information, referral reasons, current situation, previous counseling experience, birth and development history, family history, medical history, and educational/vocational background (Joshua & Brandé, 2015, p. 129 -132). Based off of the intake interview the counselor has a general idea about who the client is as well as what he needs moving forward.
When screening a client, a number of questions can be asked in order to gain insight as to what the client may be struggling with or who the client is as a person. For the purpose of this study the most important questions that will be asked are as follows: what past careers have you had, what disciplines have you explored before, who influences you in your choice of careers, what would you like to change about your current career, and what would you like to change about your previous education? These
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His indecisiveness comes from family influence and a concern that he may not have the resources to get another degree. The client grew up with two parents who were both entrepreneurs. Although his parents allowed him to explore different majors throughout college (specifically sociology, biology, and literature) they have always encouraged him to go into the business field. They believe that a business degree will keep Stewart stable financially and they had hoped he would be able to find a career straight out of college. His father had also always hoped he would someday take over his insurance agency and this influenced Stewart’s current career choice. The client feels that he might let his parents down if he decides to go into a different
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