Intake Reflection As A Counselor

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Intake Interview Reflection Question 1 One of the important skills that a counselor must have is communication skills and the ability to understand one’s perspective. To gain respect from the client there must be a line of respect. Confidentiality sets principles that help guide both the counselor and client towards the right direction. As shown in the video, Kerry, the Counselor, tells her client that all of the information that they will talk about is kept in a safe place. Kerry makes it clear that the session is recorded to help improve her counseling abilities and to help provide the client with as much help as possible. Another area that Kerry expresses is how she is a counselor in training that requires supervision. The supervisor’s role is to correct the counselor if wrong and to help provide information that can strengthen the client. During the session, Kerry states that the client has the right to release her information to her parents, but only with her consent; However, if the client is hospitalized or taking to court her files can be released to show records of her attendance. As a future Guidance Counselor, I take heed that confidentiality is a top priority when working in the school system. There are many of the youth that come from different environments and ethnic groups that does not have quality support…show more content…
As a future Guidance Counselor, I would like to gain understanding in the youth and to be open minded of their perspectives are. I think that it is very unique that when helping an individual they feel comfortable speaking to me about their personal life. Another great technique that I will use in the future is self-control. In my case I think self-control is important because it helps me as a Guidance Counselor not state a fact when it is not right. It is my top priority to restate the question so that I will gain
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