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Integral Serialism combines many elements into one formulaic composition Jupiterimages/ Images Serialism is one of the most profound advancements in music of the 20th century. Whether you love it or hate it, this music is here to stay as part of the great Western classical music tradition. Learning about some of the techniques and what makes this music work will help you to appreciate and enjoy this advanced music. [+] Show Editor Comments [-] Hide Editor Comments If you use a photo (and we prefer that you use at least one), you must write a caption that follows our Editorial Guidelines. It cannot just describe the image; it must tie the image to your article. Twelve-Tone Twelve-tone music is a system that was promoted and initially codified by composer…show more content…
Do you mean "By combining these two different 12-tone rows"? Integral Serialism There is another more specific and limited type of 12-tone music, in which every element of the composition is restricted based on the form of the row that is being used. In integral serialism, aspects of the composition in addition to the order of the row are restricted. A composer writing integral serialism may choose to assign specific dynamics or a specific rhythm to each version of the row. The amount of assignment can vary from restricting one element or several elements, choosing from rhythm, dynamics, register and articulations. In this type of composition every aspect of the work is very carefully controlled. This severely limits what the composer is able to do with his work. Once the initial decisions have been made as to the order of the row and the elements to be restricted, the composer is left simply to notate the piece. [+] Show Editor Comments [-] Hide Editor Comments "restricting one element or several elements to include rhythm..." Should that "include" be

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