Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Portfolio For Coca Cola

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Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Portfolio for Coca Cola

Coca Cola has one of the best learning models of the implementation of the IMC strategy. Across the globe, Coca Cola is considered one of the most popular soft drink as it has a huge share of market to more than 1.7 billion customers on a daily basis. The company has mass marketing strategies for the product across various countries starting from the print ads in 1886 to the television ads in 2011, where coke has been strongly positioning the product to people in all cultures, of all age groups and statuses. The target market of coke includes people from different countries, various age groups, and different genders. The most attractive strategy is that the ads created an emotional
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Promotional Mix of Coca cola

Marketing for a product can be done by using a variety of tools as outlined by Shimp (2010). According to him marketing tools can be categorized into media advertising, direct/interactive advertising, place advertising, store signage & point of purchase advertising, trade & consumer oriented promotions, event marketing, Personal Relations, Personal Selling. Furthermore, mobile marketing is one of the ways; the Coca-Cola Company publicity personalized promotional activities by send out text message and rely on word-of-mouth communication from customers (Wilkin, 2009).
1) Advertising:
Due to its amplified expressiveness, persuasiveness and public presentation, advertising campaigns have become extremely important in creating awareness about the product, company or brand (Peltier, et al 1992). Coca cola uses advertising as the main promotional strategy to attract customers and retain them. They use aggressive advertising in order to cater to huge consumer market. Below are the different types of advertising ways that Coke is
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It is important to recognize that consumers often combine information from various media. In order to prevent them from integrating this information inconsistently, marketers must take charge of this process so as to deliver clear and consistent information about the brand (Schultz, 1996).The overriding purpose of the IMC framework is managing all marketing activities that impact profits, sales and brand equity (Schultz, 1996). The ability of creating synergies among the various marketing communications and to combine these to provide better clarity and consistency of the set of messages communicated to target audience are the major benefits of the IMC framework.

An effective integrated marketing communications approach that is deployed and maintained is an essential modern business requirement (Perner, 2008). The successful strategy of IMC implemented by Coca Cola would stand as a benchmark for other companies in the market. Coca Cola’s strategical marketing goals like higher sales ,higher profits, brand visibility, positioning in the global market, indicates the accomplishments the brand has garnered due to an effective

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