Integrated Marketing Plan For Coca Cola By Coca-Cola Company

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This project unfolds a detailed integrated marketing plan for Coke, a brand by Coca Cola. The Coca-Cola System in Pakistan serves over 2 hundred thousand customers/retail outlets. Coca-Cola employs 2500 people in Pakistan (2010). During the last two years. The company has over the time invested almost $145million and the total service of the company has been over 54 years in Pakistan. The project gives an introduction about the current scenario. The SWOT and marketing situation are discussed in detailed. The report deals with corporate and brand strategies of Coke. It also talks about the industry situation in terms of porter’s 5 forces. The internal situation of the business is discussed through a detailed SWOT analysis. Competitors have not been ignored, hence, a very comprehensive analysis on competitors of Coke has been done as well. The report is concise yet comprehensive. Many concepts and theories have been covered and the ones not discussed were not the part of the scope of this project. Table of Contents 1 INTRODUCTION 2 1.1 HISTORY OF COKE 2 1.2 INTERNAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 2 1.2.1 SWOT Analysis 2 1.3 EXTERNAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 6 1.4 CURRENT MARKETING SITUATION 8 2 CORPORATE AND BRAND STRATEGIES 10 2.1 CORPORATE IMAGE STRATEGY 10 2.2 BRAND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY 13 2.3 COCA COLA BRAND POSITIONING 16 2.4 TARGET MARKET 17 3 PROMOTION OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS 21 3.1 COMMUNICATION MARKET ANALYSIS 21 3.2 DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY 4

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