Integrated Marketing Strategy: Calbee's Company

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Executive Summary

In line with Jagabee’s mission, we have formed a new premium product line. The premium line includes flavours such as Chilli Crab, Salted Egg, Kimchi and Honey-Butter flavours inspired by local and trending taste. We have incorporated the four marketing strategies. Product strategy explains the product life cycle, levels of product, product differentiation in terms of feature. Pricing strategies shows how the new products are priced to ensure that they are affordable yet profitable able for the business. Integrated Marketing Communication strategy determines how the new products should be promoted to create awareness to the public. Lastly, Channel strategy focuses on how they can reach the end consumers. Introduction
1.1 Calbee’s Background Information

Calbee, incorporated in 1949, is renowned for their wide varieties of delicious snacks. Calbee started off with only Kappa Ebisen, a shrimp flavoured snack and has now expanded to a wider range of innovative hit products, including Potato Chips, Jagarico, Fruit Granola, Cereal and Jagabee. Calbee’s mission is to harness nature’s gifts, to bring taste and fun, and to contribute to healthy lifestyles. They aim to drive further growth and increase overseas sales.

Jagabee is a form of potato stick snack and is made from unpeeled potatoes processed into stick shapes that maintain the original flavour of the potatoes. Their unique texture also sets them apart from another launched product, Jagarico. The
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