Integration Marketing Communication In The Hotel Industry

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According to the data of ministry of commerce that the national people’s consumption in the diet and tourism has accounted for a significant proportion of household consumption and at the same time the hotel industry is in service of all kinds of business activities, which means the future of the hotel industry is indisputable. In recent years, the hotel industry continues to rise in the process of our country and welcomes the golden age of management. But due to the constantly release of increasing competition and personalized needs of customers, the hotel is faced with how to maximize its benefit through the integration marketing with all kinds of resources are limited, all kinds of opportunities to the complicated market environment. The…show more content…
In the era of economic globalization, the increasingly fierce market competition began to make the enterprise attaches great importance to formulate of the strategy at present and future. It is necessary for the enterprises to improve the advertised publicity result and to achieve the best marketing target with minimal input. As a result, the integration marketing communications plays an important role in this progress. And it has had a profound impact on enterprise’s marketing activities and the advertising communication behavior of the advertising agency as well. As an integration marketing communications has such a huge impact, it is necessary to conduct some theoretical studies on integration marketing communications. Nowadays the rapid developments of private hotel enterprises make them become the main force of the economy in our country. But there are good and bad private enterprises intermingled in the process of the developing of these enterprises, which has small scale and lack of modern enterprise. Therefore, it must improve the comprehensive quality of these private…show more content…
The biggest characteristic of hotel industry is the customers are extremely scattered. There is no traditional channels can provide more than 10% of the customers for a hotel, which is one of the biggest difficulties of hotel marketing. As an important marketing channel, the Internet had been accepted by most of the hotel, some hotel use network marketing but for most of the hotel that effective use of channels is of great difficulty (George S. Low, 2000, p27-38). And use a variety of modern technology and make full use of network resources, give full play to the network marketing radiation ability be the priority of hotel enterprises must pay attention to and is also unable to avoid. And the current features of hotel industry can be analyzed from six points. The first point is that network marketing is a big tourist market with a rising trend year by year, but many low star hotel of domestic has not conducted network marketing. The second point is that the internet marketing efficiency which has been carried out in the network marketing of the hotel is not obvious. The third one is that at present, the hotel is mainly through the agent or the combination form of marketing on the Internet, along with the increasing competition effect is declining. The forth one is that most of the hotel network marketing content and structure are the same. The fifth one is that the hotel must take active

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