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Integrative Literature Review: Malignant Fungated Wound Odour Management among Patients with Cancer
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Integrative Literature Review: Malignant Fungated Wound Odour Management among Patients with Cancer
Malignant fungating wounds (MFW) defined as a wound that arise when cancerous cells invade the skin and metastasis to the surrounding blood and lymph vessels (Probst , Arber ,& Faithful ,2012) . The terms that used interchangeably to describe “ Fungating wound” are “ Malignant wound “and ‘malignant cutaneous lesions” . Fungated
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Probst , Arber ,& Faithful ,2012. Lund-Nielsen,et al.2011. Gozzo, Tahan, Andrade ,Nascimento ,&Prado.2014). Fungating wounds mainly develop in the last 6 months of cancer patient life ( Gibson & Green 2013). It is estimated that more than half will die within six months of diagnosis of (MFW) (Adderley, Holt 2014. Bergstrom 2011). The most frequent location of the fungating wound was the breast (62%), followed by the head and neck (24%), the genitals, groin and the back (3%) and other areas (8%) (Probst , Arber ,& Faithful ,2012. Bergstrom 2011). The most common MFW in women are breast tumors , but in the men the most common MFW occurrence are cutaneous metastases from primary lung cancers (Adderley, Holt 2014.Alexander…show more content…
only 10 research articles were included in this study. The 10 articles published from 1996 to 2014 were selected and formed the basis for this review. The earliest study included was published in 1996, with most studies published in 2014. The articles were published in nursing and Medical journals .
Methodological Characteristics
The 10 studies that build this integrative literature review were quantitative research-based studies. one study was case study, , 7 studies were randomized clinical trial studies, one study was descriptive cross-sectional studies, one study was a prospective descriptive cohort study . Although only 10 studies were included in this research review, In the 10 studies a wide variety of designs, tools, and sample size were used.

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