Integrative Massage Therapy Research Paper

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Integrative Massage
Integrative massage in Minneapolis involves the use and combination of a variety of techniques from different massage therapy schools to create a personalized therapy protocol designed to help you quickly and permanently address your muscle and joint pain problems.
This type of massage therapy includes techniques and philosophies from schools as varied as Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, somatic therapy, touch therapy, movement-repatterning, stress management, and more. This holistic approach to healing your body’s pains means that you will get the benefits of techniques from a variety of disciplines and regions of the world, without having to pay for appointments with a cadre of massage therapists.
The Process
Before your
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They will then begin to manipulate your muscles and work on your joints using both light and deep tissue techniques, energy healing work, and by asking you how your body responds to various touch therapy techniques.
Stress & Anxiety
By utilizing a variety of massage techniques, your massage therapist can help to reduce your stress and anxiety, while improving your mood, by reducing inflammation in troubled joints and by promoting the release of endorphins into your blood stream. Research has shown that integrative massage techniques are proven to improve your psychological and emotional markers, and to reduce hormones like cortisol, which increase stress and inflammation throughout your body.
Pain Relief
Massage therapy has been proven time and time again to assist with pain relief in patients who are suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. By manipulating your muscles and joints, and by working out muscles knots, your massage therapist can help to reduce your pain in both the short- and long-term.

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