Integrative Motivation In The English Language

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To be a successful learner of English language, the learners need to use instruments to force them while their continuous process which helps them concentrate until become to be a successful learner. Motivation is one factor which has also played a significant role while the learners are studying English. In the early work of Gardner (1985) motivation is defined as the extent to which the individual strives to acquire the language because involves the learners’ reason for attempting to acquire the target language.

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Nowadays, English language has become a very important global language because it widely used as a means of international communications. Many countries have given precedence to learning English and
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Hence, English proficiency need to improve for encouraging students’ potential appropriately. In the social psychological theory of Gardner (1985) showed that the intensely motivated learners are more successful at learning the other learners. However, the result of Gardner and Lambert’s study concluded that integrative motivated learners are more successful at learning the language then instrumentally motivated learners. Because of the learners with integrative motivation more favorable attitudes toward and strongly motivated to learn the language. His study is only based on second language learners. There is an important difference between learning a second language (SL) and foreign language (FL) thus their theory might not be applicable to foreign learners. On the other hand,…show more content…
According to Gardner (2001), motivation includes three elements; effort (the effort to learn a language), desire (wanting to achieve a goal) and positive affect (enjoy the activities of learning the language). The role of orientation, which Gardner refers to as a “goal” aims to arouse motivation and direct it to achieve the goals (Gardner, 1985). Two types of motivation— integrative oriented and instrument oriented— was introduced by Gardner and have been discussed and explored in L2 motivation research extensively. According to Gardner (1985), integrative oriented refers to a positive attitude towards the L2 community and the desire to approach the community and even become a member of that society. Instrumental orientation is defined as learning an L2 for gain practical benefits, such as a better job or a higher

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