Multinomial Logistic Regression

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Over the past half century, firms have moved towards internationalization by increasing their level of assets, employees, and revenue abroad. Yet there is always a question regarding the degree to which this internationalization movement is contributing to overall performance of the firm. In the global economy; Multinational enterprises play a key role as their domestic and foreign activities generate one third of world value added and exports. Internationalization strategies may have an uneven impact on the performance of the firm, depending on the purpose of the investment and its destination. Different
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Tools used for the Analysis Descriptive Statistics Binary Logistic Regression Multinomial Logistic Regression
1.Descriptive Statistics: This research includes survey and fact finding enquiries of various kinds. To describe the state of affairs as it exists at present is the major purpose of descriptive statistics.
a. MEAN: is also known as arithmetic average, is the most familiar measure of central tendency and may defined as the value which we get divided the total of the value of various given items in a series by the total number of items. Mean (_X^-)= ∑▒"X" _"i" /"N"
Where (_X^-)= = the symbol we use for mean ∑ = symbol of summation Χi =value of ithe items χ, I =1,2,………n n = total number of items
b. MEDIAN: is a positional average and is used only in the context of qualitative phenomena, for example, in the estimation of intelligence etc., which are mostly used in sociological field. Median is not useful where items to be assigned relative important and weights, it is not frequently used in sampling statistics. Median (M) = Value of ((n+1)/2)th
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with more than two possible discrete outcomes. It is a With a given set of independent variables this model is used to predict the probabilities of the different possible outcomes of a categorically distributed dependent variable . Multinomial logistic regression is known by various names, such as Polytomous Logistic Regression , multiclass Logistic Regression , Softmaxregression, Multinomial logit, Maximum entropy classifier, conditional maximum entropy model. Multinomial logistic regression is used when the dependent variable in question is nominal and for which there are more than two
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