Integrative Teaching Approach In Education

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Education plays an important role to change world for the better. Nelson Mandela (2013) has said, “Education is the powerful weapon we can use to change the world” , indicating knowledge overpower the gun war. However, in producing intellectual youths, correct method of education must be paid detailed attention. Current teaching approaches provide educator with many established methods in delivering lectures. However, in order to feed the students, many crucial elements need attention while implementing any approaches. One of most discussed teaching approach is integrative teaching method. The integrative teaching strategy is one in which an educator uses interdisciplinary lessons that accentuate the connections between disciplines rather than…show more content…
The approach promotes the educator to use connecting skills and knowledge from multiple sources and experiences in order to yield an interesting lecture delivery. This will enhance the learning environment to be more significant as the lecture is being delivered in proper manner. Indirectly, the students will tend to develop the ability to use diverse learning activities and experiences. A wise man once mentioned that knowledge is alive, it should be explored with experience and passion. From the saying, we have to agree that the exploration of lecture is well acceptable by connecting skill and past knowledge of one particular educator. While teaching, I prefer to portray the lecture by connecting the points with my life experience. The students seem to grasp more as to compared with explanation of just theories. Briefly, the learning process should be meaningful along with installation of connecting skills and knowledge from experiences as it helps the students to sustain the lecture for a longer…show more content…
Learning requires diverse skills and abilities which consume lots of time and effort to be put along the process. In order to be creative, students have to force their individual differences or diversity to come out with best output with little aid from educator. For every success any particular students manage to achieve, the integrative teaching approach encourage appreciative remarks to be rewarded. This will motivate and boost students self-confidence and increase their spirit to do better. Contigently, it makes all the pieces fit and long way learning worthy. The appreciative remarks or rewards do not have to be extraordinary, but small keychain or lunch treat could possibly mean motivation to them. I usually will grant top scorer students with some snacks such pizza and outdoor activities like bowling on the weekend. This will lead to a balance learning process between both educator and students. It is highly helpful to practice appreciative remarks and rewards to students as it alleviates the teaching and learning

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