Academic Honesty Or Integrity?

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Academic honesty and integrity has never before existed in such a debatable area when it comes to practices and behaviors. Not only have the opportunities to cheat become more common, the exact definition of what forms honesty and integrity is up for debate. The classic tropes of student cheating have not changed copying, steal questions before an exam, taking credit for others’ work, and many uncountable methods. However due to the use of technology in today’s academic areas, the guidelines that define right and wrong are not always clear as black and white. A study published in The Journal of Education identified a range of opportunities for student dishonesty. This includes “the 15 different techniques by which students inappropriately…show more content…
The literature agrees that the effect on students intensifies quickly. If academic dishonesty is allowed to exist in its current situation, researchers largely see no motivation for self-inspired improvement. Instead, research largely puts the responsibility on educators to set the bar high again. “The integrity strategy, through the use of honor codes, emphasizes the importance of committing to the principles of academic integrity as essential to the educational mission of the institution…the integrity strategy stresses both disciplinary and developmental methods for responding to academic dishonesty” (Chesney, 2009). Students have been cheating since the beginning of institutional education. However, what is unique to our time is the reason for those in authority to cheat as…show more content…
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