Integrity In Calvin Coolidge's Speech

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C.S. Lewis once said that “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” While reading Calvin Coolidge’s Senate Speech, it was this quote that lingered in my mind most prominently. Integrity is a major value that is discussed throughout Coolidge’s speech and a value that is becoming increasingly relevant as the world continues to grow, technology increases, and society becomes more corrupt. Integrity, in itself is a very important quality that a public servant must possess, in order to be an effective leader and in order to navigate through the trials and difficulties of modern day society. Calvin Coolidge specifically discusses these values when he talks about “Doing the day’s work.” When he says this, he is saying that no matter what people think or say or no matter who opposes you, you must always strive to do the right thing. This concept is extremely relevant to our current world because as young…show more content…
These character traits are clearly seen within his senate speech above, and throughout the course of his presidency as well. The final sentence of Coolidge’s speech shows the kind of public servant he wanted to be: “We need a broader, firmer, deeper faith in the people; A faith that men desire to do right, that the Commonwealth is founded upon a righteousness which will endure, a reconstructed faith that the final approval of the people is given not to demagogues, slavishly pandering to their selfishness, merchandising with the clamor of the hour, but to statesmen, ministering to their welfare, representing their deep, silent, abiding convictions.” The integrity that Coolidge displayed throughout his life is unmatched by any other, and is the epitome of what leaders living in the 21st century should strive to
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