Integrity In Leaving Grandmaid

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In the novella, Leaving Gilead, Pat Carr shows how war destroys people 's character. Integrity is extremely hard to find during war. Geneva is bossy and wants the best for herself and not for the more important things in life. Yankees are destroying reputation and lively hood. War brings out the worst in people. When the war started all human integrity had lost its purpose. Impatient Geneva was, she could not hold it anymore that no men were around. "Well Ian Birdsong, you kept insisting we leave. And so now we are" (Carr 101). Staying loyal is a had thing for Geneva, she can never be content. Ian wanted Geneva to go to her aunt in Tyler Texas, but instead Geneva wanted more men around so she headed up to Arkadelphia to be with the soldiers. "We 're too far away to tell who it is. Maybe it 's Naomi Pate. Maybe it isn 't" (Carr 117). Geneva knew exactly who it was but she didn 't want to take on another role of helping out. Being nice was not an option for Geneva.…show more content…
Men do not do purposeful things. "They burned the college? And that big church with them stain-glass windows" (Carr 115). What is the purpose of burning the buildings? As if the burning of the buildings helped the war. There is no virtue in the chaos of war. Men die in war and some men never want to see a guy left out there in the battle field. "That boy is alive. We are gonna send somebody to find him. And we are gonna get him the hell out of there" (saving private Ryan). The general was trying to keep as much of his men alive. War never is a good thing it tears relationships and bonds between
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