Integrity In 'Sir Gawain And The Green Knight'

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Gawain Often in stories, a character's integrity is tested by trials or temptations. In “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” we see Gawain’s integrity tested from the beginning of the story to the end. Nevertheless, he always remained faithful and loyal to the challenge that is given to him. We also see how Splendid the Green Knight views Gawain on the initial challenge and in the final challenge. Gawain starts off the story very eager to lay down his life almost to the point of conceitedness. He also shows that he is honorable by taking his uncle's, King Arthur, place when Splendid challenged King Arthur's Court. Gawain also exhibited courage because there was a chance of death. Splendid the Green Knight thinks King Arthur's men might be phonies so he went to King Arthur’s court to challenge them. Splendid summoned King Arthur's men to cut off Splendid's head with the understanding that Splendid would get the opportunity to match Gawain's swing for swing a year and a day later. The second test came the following year when Gawain sets out to face Splendid the Green Knight. After having a great deal of time to ponder what the future may hold, Gawain still embarked on his journey. Gawain not only courageously showed up to his challenge, but did so three days early. Gawain faced his third and final challenge while staying…show more content…
Gawain conquers lust by refusing the lady's kiss and greed by denying the gold ring. She then offers a green sash that was to protect him from death. Gawain's character is questioned by showing dishonesty through his action of not giving the lord the sash. Gawain finds out that the sash has no power to protect him, however, he still continues to fight for his honor. Because he fought and did not coward down and admitted his fault, Gawain ultimately passed Splendid the Green Knight’s challenge. Splendid showed mercy upon Gawain by giving him
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