Integrity In Thank You, Ma Am By Langston Hughes

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In the story, Thank You, Ma’am by Langston Hughes, the author explores integrity through Mrs. Jone’s words and actions. Roger is a teenage boy who attempted to steal a purse from a woman, Mrs. Jones, walking home alone. He got caught, and she decided to take him to try to teach him a few things so he wouldn’t misbehave again.
In the beginning of the story, Roger tries to steal her purse, but she decides to take him home and teach him a lesson. The text says “The woman said, ‘You ought to be my son. I would teach you right from wrong. Least I can do right now is to wash your face.” This shows Mrs. Jones has integrity because she cares enough to wish that she was Roger’s mother and could teach him wrong from right. She could have just
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Jones lets Roger in her house then she guides him to the bathroom. The text explains “‘Then, Roger, you go to that sink and wash your face,” said the woman, whereupon she turned him loose—at last. Roger looked at the door—looked at the woman—looked at the door—and went to the sink.” This showed that Mrs. Jones had integrity because she's taking pride in roger and she's trying to make sure he's clean so he can feel good about himself. Just like how she feels good about herself when she looks nice. Shes also just wants to help him out.
In the conclusion of the story, Mrs. Jones tries to communicate to Roger that no one's perfect we all make mistakes, but the thing that we need to do is learn from those mistakes. The text indicates “ ‘ I have done things too, which I would not tell you, son- neither God if he didn't already know.” This evidence shows that Mrs. Jones is having integrity because she is taking and showing responsibility for the things she has done in the past. By doing this Mrs. Jones is being honest toward Roger, Mrs. Jones had a purpose when she told Roger that she makes mistakes too. Her purpose was to ultimutaey bond with Roger, in the ext she even calls him son.
Yet, Mrs. Jones seemed a little bit scary at the beginnning of the story, she ultimately shows Roger how honesty can ultimately pride can help you bond with someone. In the end the author uses Mrs. Jones to model that having integrity is something that not everyone
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