Integrity In The Crucible

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Integrity George Eliot once said, “Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right, decide on what you think is right and stick to it.” What that quote means is, no matter the situation, tell the truth. The truth is the only right answer. In today’s world, lying has become an issue. Even in the past lying has been a problem, as represented in The Crucible. The world needs more people with integrity. Integrity is shown through being trustworthy, loyal, and moral under any given circumstance. The trait needed most by the character in The Crucible was morality. If more people were moral in The Crucible, most of the accusations would have never taken place. Hale said, “Goody Proctor, I have gone this three month like our Lord into the wilderness. I have sought a Christian way, who counsels men to lie” (533). Hale made the point that the accused people have to lie to save themselves. The people accused are innocent and the accusers are not. The accusers are lying to the court to cover up what they did. If the accusers would have told the truth in the first place, little to no accusations would have taken place. The accusers lack of being moral causes more than a…show more content…
John Proctor was not loyal to his wife. If he was not a lecher, Proctor would not have been hanged, nor his wife. In the end, it did not matter what Proctor had done, he did the right thing. Proctor said, “I can. And there’s your first marvel, that I can. You have made your magic now, for now I do see some shred of goodness in John Proctor. Not enough to weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such dogs” (539). What Proctor meant from that quote is: even though he is not the perfect man, he still is a good man. Proctor refused to succumb to the court’s accusation. Proctor believes this is a part of what makes him a good man. Proctor stuck with what he believed in. Proctor showed the most integrity in The Crucible when he tore the confession document to
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