Integrity In The Palace Thief

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INTEGRITY Integrity is important for many reasons. The author, Ethan Canin, uses integrity as the central idea of his short story, “The Palace Thief”. The narrator, Hundert, believes it's his job to mold his students’ characters,so that these boys could grow up to become powerful leaders with good morals. At the first Julius Caesar contest, Hundert faces a moral dilemma. Sedgewick Bell was cheating and Hundert knew about it. Hundert told Mr. Woodbridge about his suspicions but he told him if he wants to keep his job he shouldn’t do anything. On page 169 Mr.Woodbridge tells hundert” Ignore it, Hundert or look for another job’. This was a problem for Hundert because it set a bad example for…show more content…
Sedgewick bell thought Hundert wouldn't say anything. This was at the union hall. However, this time it was different. On page 202 ”Flashbulbs popped and i moved instinctively toward the front of the platform. “Mr.Hundert,” he boomed,”from forty-five years ago at Richmond Central high school.” Sedgewick Bell just lied to a crowd of people just so he could seem like he belongs there. On page 203 Hundert says” I taught you at Saint Benedict's school in Woodmere,Virginia. Here is the blazer.” Hundert finally stood up for what he believed in. on page 203” It is enough to know that i did speak, and certainly a consolation that Sedgewick Bell Realized, finally, that i would.” Sedgewick bell knows that Hundert will speak up for own convictions now.

The author, Ethan Canin uses integrity as the central idea of his short story, “The Palace Thief”. Throughout the story Hundert, a retired teacher, doesn't have the courage to stand up for his morals. Hundert had two opportunities to expose Sedgewick Bell but he couldn't because of his job and intimidation. However, at the union hall Hundert stood by his morals. Hundert showed Sedgewick bell he can stand up for
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