Integrity, Obedience, And Sacrifice

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Integrity, obedience, and sacrifice are three words that all have one main commonality, this commonality being that these skills are acquired with age, maturity, and life experience. This years sophomore retreat was a disaster in the sense that it lacked the self-control that is to be expected for our age group while also respecting the teachers that volunteered to host the retreat. Obedience was not present in the library during the event for most of the student body, however, those following commands did not outweigh the disobedient. Personally I admit to being louder than needed and not aiding in the silencing of my fellow peers, however, this had nothing to do with feeling embarrassed or wanting to be disrespectful it was only due to my inability to hear when Mr. Godbout or Ms. Meade was trying to quiet the class. Looking back on the retreat I now remember how loud it was and think that it should have been handled better on…show more content…
Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong morals, values, and principles; moral uprightness. Honesty is something that everyone struggles with due to our human nature and stain of original sin, it is unavoidable, though we can limit as much as possible. The sophomore class would be lying if we said that are behavior was acceptable. However, something that needs to be taken into account that Ms. Lorts has taught us is that humans have a frontal lobe that control our judgement, impulse control, and reasoning. Our frontal lobe will not be fully developed until our early twenties hence the legal age limit for alcohol consumption, higher doses of medicine, voting ages, etc., are put into place. Adolescents are not mentally mature enough to be able to maintain
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