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The Integumentary Morgan Davison Due: February 23, 2018 Period 4th -------------------------------- -------------------------------- Have you ever heard the phrase “I’m all skin and bones.” Well, that's not true. We have many parts in our body than skin and bones, and today I will be talking about the integumentary system. The integumentary system organs are the skin, the hairs, the nails, and the glands. Those organs don’t do everything in your body. But it does many thing to help the entire body. The major organs of the integumentary system are the skin, th hair, the nails, and the glands. The skin protects all the organs and things in the inside of your body. The skin has three layers in it. There the epidermis, the dermis,…show more content…
But, i'll name a few. The integumentary protects the inner body from anything that happens in the outside world. It also retains most of the fluid in the human body. Also, protects us from disease getting inside of our body and the organs inside of it. And finally, it helps us regulate body temperature and it eliminates wastes (not like urine but sweat). These functions do all super important things because if we didn't have any skin, hair, sweat glands, or nails we could easily get very hurt. The integumentary system interacts with many other systems than just one. The integumentary works with the circulatory system by allowing it to transport blood into and out of the cells and also allow carbon to get out of the blood and into the air by letting the skin take the carbon out by sweat. With the skeletal system, it keeps the bones hard and strong and also, produces the vitamin d. The nervous system controls the body temperature. The excretory system removes the waste (oil,salt,and water) from the body. Finally, the immune system prevents pathogens from entering into the…show more content…
Skin Cancer is 75% most death of cancer in the united states. Skin cancer is mostly made by melanoma. This is the worst skin cancer. It is caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and from tanning lamps and beds. It mostly comes to woman instead of men. You can tell you have melanoma when you see a change in an existing mole you have on you. It can form anywhere on your body, but mostly on your back, legs, arms, and face. ( It's mostly there because of the UV radiation of the sun that hits your skin. It's mostly also grows on the weirdest growth of your skin. Unlikely people less than 20 get melanoma. But that does not mean that they don't get it, it's just very rare. Most likely the people over the age of 60. Melanoma is also a type of tumor. In stage 0 it is a tumor in situ. Then by stage ll, the tumors are huge. At stage II, the tumor attaches to the lymph nodes. If you don’t treat it well it could seriously hurt

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