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INTRODUCTION I am a student of Madonna University, Dubai. I am doing my BBA with specialization in International Business. I hereby submit my Internship Project. When a person does his/her internship, it should be either in that person’s interest or at least should be skilled and trained for the particular job. If the individual is not fit for the job it might lead to frustration and would not be completing his/her work and there would be too much time taken on a given task. To avoid the wastage of time and energy we should see that we select a job of our interest and do accordingly from the given objectives. I had been working in Intel Corporation, at the Jumbo electronics, Mall of the Emirates, as a Sales Trainee, promoting their major gadgets…show more content…
Being a Sales trainee, I wanted to come up with good plans; new thoughts and strategies on how to develop the company’s position in the market by selling their products. COMPANY PROFILE Intel Corporation, American producer of semiconductor PC circuits. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. For more than 35 years, Intel Corporation has created innovation empowering the PC and Internet insurgency that has changed the world. Established in 1968 to construct semiconductor memory items, Intel presented the world's first chip in 1971. Today, Intel supplies the registering and interchanges commercial ventures with chips, sheets, frameworks, and programming building obstructs that are the "fixings" of PCs, servers and systems administration and correspondences items. These items are utilized by industry individuals to make propelled registering and interchanges frameworks. Intel's main goal is to make an incredible showing for our clients, representatives, and stockholders by being the prevalent building piece supplier to the overall advanced…show more content…
Intel has changed the worldwide commercial center significantly since it was established in 1968; the organization imagined the microchip, the "PC on a chip" that made conceivable the first hand held number crunchers and (PCs). By the mid 21st century, Intel's chips were found in pretty nearly 80 percent of PCs around the world. The organization's product offering likewise incorporates chipsets and motherboards; streak memory utilized as a part of remote correspondences and different applications; organizing gadgets and gear for getting to the Internet, neighborhood, and home systems; and installed control microchips utilized as a part of systems administration items, laser printers, production line automat particle instruments, cell base stations, and different applications . Intel has stayed aggressive through a mix of sharp promoting, all around upheld innovative work, unrivaled assembling capability, a crucial corporate society, ability in legitimate matters, and a continuous partnership with programming monster Microsoft Corporation regularly alluded to as

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