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• Seasoned professional with proven track record and leadership in both startups and turnarounds.
• More than 17 years working experience. Strong grasp of the IT industry. Deep understanding of Intel culture and how to get things done.
• Senior involvement in planning and execution of Sales & Marketing strategies.
• P&L, revenue and managerial responsibility. Being an Intel Manager in both GEO and HQ.
• Wide experience in the channel: Resellers, Distribution, LOEM and Retail.
• Taiwan/China Ecosystem & Enabling: IDH, ODM, SI.
• Multicultural working/ living experience. Multi-language skills. China-Brazil-India experience.


2011-Today INTEL CORPORATION – INTC - (China and Latin America)

- WW RSG (aka DCS) Head of Sales
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Currently tracking 33Mu in Sales Out from ODMs and aiming for $1B in Revenue, thru ChAMP. With main focus being CCG, DCG and IOTG.
Intimate knowledge of the Asia Tech Ecosystem at CEO level, in particular within the CTE across their whole supply chain: IDH/ODM/SI. Being active in consulting key partners on their enabling and GTM plans. Being the GEO/Consumption voice, BU advisor and MMBP link.
Extended team of GEO leads in NAR, LAR, EMEA and APJ. Deeply involved in Global Sales Development with key deals/key OEMs around WW. Close collaboration with major country sales teams to ensure plans are mature, effective, and executed to.

- LAR Head of Operations Sales & Marketing – based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Grade 85/9.
(From Abril 2013 to May 2014
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(From Sept 2007 to May 2011)

Leading the company’s operations in Asia, I’ve set-up the company’s business in Asia, acting as Managing Director for the region and Legal Representative for Beijing and Singapore offices. Having full responsibility for the Structure, P&L and Business Development in Asia, with special focus in China.

Have developed marketing strategies and executed BTL (below the line) marketing projects and sales activities for our customers, including PC-Mall development, Incentive Programs, Retail Sales Management, Outlet Coverage, Forecast, Channel Development, among others. In addition, I’ve developed several platforms for Market Research and Business Intelligence, managed field teams in India, Indonesia and Taiwan; also reached more than 15 countries in Asia with different projects through extended teams.

Working closely with VP and Director’s level management, have developed experience running complex projects, with both local and regional report lines (Singapore and USA). Have developed strong business relationships with companies like Microsoft, Intel, HP, Dell and other several local partners and agencies around the region. Experienced and fully aware of customer’s strategies and goals, as well with the business model for several business units, such as Microsoft E&D, SMD&D, BMO, OEM, IW; Intel RCO, SMG, OEM; DELL 1DD and
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