Intellective Teacher's Personality Traits

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AN INVESTIGATIVE APPROACH ON THE PROSPECTIVE TEACHER’S PERSONALITY SHAPING Introduction In the changing globalised scenario of education teaching has become more challenging and complex. It is now not only a mere interaction between student and teacher but an organised, systematic process in which application of science, technology and consideration of behavioral science is of outmost importance. In this context a teacher should have an all round ability starting from academic superiority to behavioral adaptability. So, presence of some inherent and coherent quality like personality, acceptability, adaptability, values, accountability, professional ethics etc are essential for a teacher to reach the peak of excellence. In this paper we will…show more content…
Dimensional descriptions in connection with the expectations of teacher’s effectiveness in the field of organizational behavior provide the basis of desirable or undesirable personality characteristics judgment. So pronounced neuroticism, as an undesirable trait for teachers in interactions with students is quite a justified assumption. Teachers with high neuroticism will need a long span of time to improve their social skills and communicative relationships to their students. Moderate extraversion is enviable because of its association with self-confidence, friendliness and positive emotions. A teacher should have receptive attitude towards unconventional ideas and acceptance of different cultural backgrounds, various feelings and behaviors of their students. To be an efficient teacher one should have openness to novelty, creativity, well-developed vocabulary and curiousness. High level of agreeableness along with a reasonable level of conscientiousness is essential so that competence, sense of duty, self-discipline and dedication can emerge in his/her work. So selection and application of Five-Factor Model is appropriate to the research on teacher personality. Personality influences the various behavioral aspects of the teacher in many ways like interaction with students, teaching methods selection and learning experiences choice. Instructional activities are best conducted by the effective use of a teacher 's personality. Without formal interaction between student and teacher, a student can learn a lot from a teacher’s personality. The teacher whose personality helps to maintain the learning environment of a classroom and motivate to learn is said to have a desirable teaching personality. As personality is only gradually achieved through constant interaction within oneself and with the environment outside, so consideration of prospective teacher’s personality as a research subject is quite realistic and of

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