Intellectual Character

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In today’s society people lack character of all types specifically intellectual character. Intellectual character involves courage, carefulness, tenacity, curiosity, honesty, fair-mindedness and humbleness. Through these seven virtues, loving God and out neighbor we can learn to become better people.

Courage is defined as the ability to do something that others are frightened by, courage also includes little acts of bravery every day. Just like Martin Luther for if he would not have had the courage to stand in front of Roman Empire we would have not heard of him today. Although Martin Luther has an extreme story, there are ways we can show courage every day in our own lives. Intellectually courageous people tend to take risks in pursuit of
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Society so easily gives up tasks if said task cannot be easily achieved. The attitude of persistence and determination are key qualities to have when working toward this virtue. Success, failure, fulfillment and frustration is the opposite of tenacity. Tenacity is a word not often used but ties in with the virtue of fair-mindedness. For like-minded people tend to go into a situation with an open mind. These kindsd of people tend to seek knowledge, not to be right and are very open about their views on situations that are brought to them. The mistake made in life is that people think like-mindedness and relativistic openness are the same, which is not true. Relativistic openness is the belief that all things should be equally valued and accepted. Whereas like-mindedness is being open to all opinion even if it goes against personal…show more content…
Learning all people sin, treating people with respect and learning from critiques are a couple key qualities found in a humble person. Being truly humble can really set a society free by, they will be more worried about the facts then how popular they are. When people become truly humble they will be more willing to admit their knowledge capacity limit, that can lead to better understanding the world and people. Intellectual humble people are opened up to a bigger world, as they see thing differently than self-centered people. Although this is not the most important it surly should not be
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