Intellectual Disability Case Criteria

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REPORTER: The reporter/School Nurse (Lana) called with concerns for the victim, Briana. Briana has an intellectual disability, and she can perform her daily ADL’s. The victim’s mother (Melissa) and father (Joseph) are her caretakers. On today (05/03/2016), the reporter, Kathleen McAllister (teacher), and Mrs. Brooks (counselor) met with the victim. According to the victim, on yesterday morning, the victim was brushing her teeth when her mother (Melissa) came into the bathroom, pulled her hair, and twisted her arm twice. Melissa pushed her against the counter with a chair (in the kitchen), and hit her several times over the top of her head with the kitchen pot lid. The victim screamed for her father (Joseph), and Joseph sent mom away to calm down. There were no visible marks or bruises. On yesterday (04/02/2016), the victim reported the incident to Mrs. McAllister, and Mrs. McAllister noticed a red mark on the top of the child’s head (in her hair area).…show more content…
In January of 2016, Melissa pushed the victim off of the couch and slapped her in the face with an open and closed hand (several times). The reporter believes the incident occurs on a regular basis, and the father is aware of the incident. The child reported that she is scared of her mother but not her father. Mrs. McAllister reported that someone told her that there is a lack of food in the home. Briana said when she comes home from school, her mother makes her wash the same dishes over and over until her father comes home (everyday). The victim said, when her mother screams and yells at her, the dog barks. The victim said her mother and sister are mean to her everyday. Mrs. McAllister said that her parents have not filed for Brianna’s SSI. Melissa is on bed rest and she’s coming off of her
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